Human Trafficking

Today is the 21st of September.

On the 21st of every month Hills Women are committed to the Abolision of Injustice in the 21st Century.  Today we are committed to praying and raising awareness about Human Trafficking.

Today I encourage you to pray for those who are held as a slave and forced to live in captivity.  Every day a slave hidden away in a brothel somehwere is praying that someone will do something.  What will you do to answer their prayer?

Pray that those who are the perpetrators will be caught and bought to justice. Pray that light will shine in the darkness…

Pray for those who have been rescued …that they will find freedom from the torment caused by the cruelty they have experienced.

Get informed and play your part in spreading trhe word.

The A21 Campaign is just one organisation doing something.  Help them make an impact.  You can check out thier website at

SBS had an insightful documentary on Human Trafficking shown last night.


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