My prayer for those in your world is that when YOU interact  with them they will get a taste of heaven.  Today you get to define the Hills Sisterhood in such a way that those you interact with are left better, wiser, stronger, sweeter…and they get to know you as I do!

What does heaven taste like?, smell like?  feel like?   In another’s interaction with you today will you give them an experience of heaven?  You get to define what the Sisterhood is about today and I hope what others experience will be just that! Today you define what the Hills Sisterhood is…and you define heaven for them. 

Today when you chose to wake with purpose and set the tone of your home you chose heaven for your family, here on earth.

Today when you chose to be thankful, you helped define the Hills Sisterhood….you chose heaven for those in your world.

Today you when you would normally bless your home and do housework but you chose to go clean someone else’s house instead.  Today you defined the Hills Sisterhood and let them feel a little of heaven.

Each week you help out a family who have to care for a sick child, by cooking them a meal and dropping it off every week.  You’ve been doing this for a year now.  This is an act of the Hills Sisterhood and each week that family feels heaven comes to their home.

Today you have some time up your sleeve so you decide to read up Human Trafficking.  You watch some Youtube videos, and read some blogs and your weeping prompts you to take steps to do something – You are the Hills Sisterhood.  A child you never knew will taste heaven because of you!

Bev and Juni head off for their walk for the kids in less two  weeks.  They are giving children in India a taste of heaven but so can you.  These girls are using their feet, but for you it may be your prayers, your finances. 

Today you may make a meal for someone. You use your time and resource. You use your eyes to scour the isles looking for ingredients.  You will use your hands to make the meal and you will use your heart to put passion and love into the mix.  You will use your prayers to pray a blessing over the one who will receive it.  You will use your finance to pay at the checkout. You will use your feet and maybe your wheels to take it where it needs to go.  This is the Hills Sisterhod and someone will feel the grace of heaven fill their home.

Today you may pack a Christmas Box for Operation Christmas Child. You will use your wheels and feet to scour the isles and shops looking for a bargain.  You will use your eyes to seek out the right colour, the right aged gift, You will use your finances to purchase what is needed, you will use your hands to write a note and scour the word of God for a scripture that will inspire and encourage.  You will use your time to source what will make an impact.    This defines the Hills Sisterhood and everytime that child hugs that bear or looks at their box they will know heaven cared.

Today you will use your time in the car to pray.  You will pray for the Sisterhood, for your family for your daughter.  You will pray with faith, with vision and with perserverance.  You will not give up nor will you quit until you know heaven has opened on this situation.  You will pray for your child’s teacher, that they will come to know the love of a saviour.  You will pray for them to see your child’s potential and to have the energy and wisdom from God to make a positive impression. Today you will define what the Hills Sisterhood is and heaven will touch earth.

Today you will listen to your friend pour out her heart about her husband or her boyfriend.  You will listen and while you listen you will care.  You won’t offer and opinion except to offer her the hope that Jesus offers.  Before you speak you will carefully chose your words because you want your words to bring life.  Having sought God in the morning you know that as you speak that scripture on your heart is meant for this one God has bought into your path and today You define what the Hills Sisterhood is about.

Today you hear your friends sharing about the headaches she has been having and you reach out and pray and her headaches are gone. 

Today you visit a friend in hospital.  That is the Sisterhood.  Maybe today, you take flowers that cost a little more than you would normally spend.  You ask God for a scripture to leave on the card.  Before you leave you ask if you can pray and today you define who the Hills Sisterhood is…

Today someone hurt your feelings and got you really angry.  You chose to forgive them.  That is the Hills Sisterhood. 

Today instead of arriving on time at work, you arrive 5 mintues early and cleaned the cups in the staff kitchen.  Today you defined what the Hills Sisterhood is about.

Today, instead of whining in the staff room about your work load you decided to write anonymous notes to each of them and tell them how much you appreciate what they do.  Today you helped clarify the definition of the Hills Sisterhood.

Today you wouldn’t normally go to a prayer meeting but today you chose to support Sarah in her new role.  You didn’t go to see how she would go.  You went prayed up, expectant and full of faith.  You spent the morning rush with worship music playing and asking God to use you to to inspire others today. 

Today you pick up your phone and scroll through looking for someone you can ring and check up on. This is what the Sisterhood is about.

Maybe you have a desire to meet someone for coffee today or you search your contact list on email to see who needs  that scripture that you love so much.  Today you heped define what the Hills Sisterhood is. 

Maybe for some time now you have wanted to give voice to an issue of injustice but have not had the courage.  Today you choose to speak up.  Today you played your part in the Hills Sisterhood. 

Today you ask the principle of your school if you can promote the Christmas boxes in the school.  Today you have helped define what the Sisterhod is about.

Today you packed your Christmas Box and spent time searching your bible for just a scripture. You printed a photo of your family and you wrote a love note to the child you will never meet to tell them there is a God in heaven who loves them and cares for them more than you do.

Today you served at the Community Op shop. 

Today  you make a list of people to follow up, call or have over for dinner or a cuppa and each week you discover how much you love people.  This is the Hills Sisterhood.

This week you joined your community group to do a garden blitz  / working bee on a home of someone in your group.  This is the Hills Sisterhood.

What will you use that takes you out of your comfort zone and out of the ordinary to make the difference in the life of someone who is right now lving under the weight of oppression. 

Today you decide to fast and spend the time praying for a girlfriend who needs a breakthrough in her health.  Today you define what the Hills Sisterhood is all about.

You have a cause that is close to your heart and God asks you to do something.  You feel inadequate and small but you choose to obey.  That is the Hills Sisterhood.

You share you faith with someone on the train.  You give them a sense of heaven – demonstrating the Hills Sisterhood. 

Each week you make contact with a friend in rehab either by phone or mail. You offer to pray or leave a scripture to bring hope for a brighter future. You let them taste a bit of heaven as they seek to change their life.  That is the Hills Sisterhod.

What will you add to this story.    Together we I pray `HIS will be done on earth as it is in heaven’  and together we  do` HIS will on earth as it is in heaven’.

I am Sisterhood. 



2 thoughts on “Sisterhood Weekly – I AM SISTERHOOD

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  1. I am sisterhood, as I cook a meal for a friend, spend time serving it and talking, laughing, and listening to them. I discover not only am I sisterhood to them, but I am blessed out of my socks too.

  2. This is great Jenny! There is so much we can do to help others. No matter how small or big they are, make a huge difference to the ones on the other end of that, and an ever bigger blessing to do something for someone else. I was so blessed the other day, one of my friends secretly arranged for my key to get into my house, they cleaned it, did all my washing, folded everything, vaccumed, bought fruit and lollies, and even made me dinner for the night in my fridge, plus heaps more. I got home and just cried (as well as being in shock) at what a blessing that was for me cause I just had no time to do all that stuff. It meant to the world to me and still does now and still thanking God for it, he certainly knows what we need. I love it when people do things in secret and the other people not knowing who it is, it is even more of a blessing and adds some excitement to it too, whether you are the giver or receiver!

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