Sisterhood Weekly – ‘Thankful’

I wonder if you do much with what I write each week.  I hope so. Last week was an excellent opportunity to search your heart and see if anything is sabotaging the season you are in…This week I had to practice what I preached…which is what I should be doing.

Something came up this week that made me realise that I had allowed myself to form a habit that was neither Godly nor going to get me the results I have been praying for.  Instead of building faith and stirring hope, instead of experiencing breakthrough, my response was going to keep producing the results I did not want.  My response was WORRY and the results of worry are a harvest of disappointment.

“Worry changes nothing around you, but creates chaos within you!”  ~ Brian Houston
“Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere.” ~ Glenn Turne
“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.” ~Leo Buscaglia
“Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.” ~Swish Proverb
 I have been reading the book of Luke this past term, and journaling on whatever verse stands out to me. This week it is Luke 12.   Smack bang in the middle of this chapter is a passage on …WORRY.  I wish WORRY was something you could simply overcome and never have to deal with again but is isn’t like that. It is something we must watch out for everyday of our lives. In this passage, Jesus wasn’t speaking to the crowd …he was speaking to his disciples.  I, just like the disciples, need to hear Jesus words about WORRY.  He says DO NOT! DO NOT WORRY!  That is a word from God for YOU today!!  This is not a suggestion…it is instructional.  It requires obedience.  Easier said than done!!

This week in NURTURE we shared about the power of being THANKFUL in everything and how it brings breakthrough and has power to change our future.  It was a great reminder of how to deal with my own worries.  My human nature (like yours) is to worry and even after I pray to keep worrying.  I have caught myself worrying and deliberately changed my approach.  I have chosen praise instead of worry.  I have deliberately chosen to be THANKFUL and the difference has been dramatic. I am fighting in the opposite spirit.  I am using praise as a weapon and so can you! There is favour and breakthrough on the other side of obedience. DO NOT WORRY!

`Be glad, good people! Fly to GOD! Good-hearted people, make praise your habit. Psalm 64:10’ The Message.


  • Write a list of all the things that are niggling worries or the things that are weighing heavy on your heart that you find you worry about.
  • Read Luke 12:21-32 ; 1Thessalonians 5:18; Philippians 4:6 and let the word of God speak to you, convict you and challenge you.  Journal your thoughts about what you feel he is saying.
  • Choose to be thankful in everything.  When you find yourself about to criticise, moan, whine, complain then catch yourself and say something that you are thankful and grateful for. Let those around you hear your gratitude.  Watch that tongue…it is very powerful!
  • If you hear someone whining, share how God has been challenging you to be thankful and encourage them to do what you are doing.  We are in this together and I need your encouragement and so do they! BE THE CHANGE!
  • If you really struggle with worry then I encourage you to do your own word study on WORRY and THANKS.


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  1. Jenny- I really like your “activate” list. Your post was helpful and it blessed me, thank you. May God bless you.-WATW

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