Sisterhood Weekly – Seasons

 I LOVE SPRING!!!….but while all of you are enjoying the new bursts of sunshine and the beauty of the blossoms, I actually have to deal with the fact that I am completely allergic to Spring. Spring for me is such ironic season because it is bitter sweet. It is fantastic that the weather begins to change and we can spend more time outdoors but it is also a season onset with tears and snot.  Gross but true!! I feel like the season of spring gets completely sabotaged and even hijacked by my sinuses. If I don’t protect my sinuses with an antihistamine by 4:00AM in the morning, everyone in my family is effected not just me. For a start I can hardly see them as my vision is impaired. Isn’t that just like the seasons of life we face.

I wonder if you love the season you are in but feel a similar sense of the bitter sweet….

At the beginning of every year I gather the Hills girls and we eat and chat and I share my heart for the Hills women and what I feel God is going to be doing across the coming year. I always bring it prophetically and am amazed at how many times God will remind me of things I have spoken in that message that need to be reiterated or bought back in focus. This year my message was on Seasons and having an awareness of what will sabotage or undermine both the season we are in and the seasons to come.

Last Sunday we had Ps Nick Resce speaking at Hills and he brought a fantastic propehtic message on…..`SEASONS’ … I love that!! and I encourage you to download the message when it goes onto our website.

Are you allergic to the season you in??? I wonder what spiritual antihistamine you need to take to help you enjoy this season and all that flows from it. What is going to hijack the season you are in and possibly even the one in front of you? When you can identify the alergen you can apply the antedote. If it is worry.  Do a word study on worry.  Let truth truth effect your life.

There are many `allergens’ that force us to lose the joy of the season we are in and pull back from transitioning to the next. If I don’t take an antihistamine early enough in at the end of the day you will not be as fruitful and effective as God intended for you but If I see the signs and act quickly and use the right antidote
I can appreciate the season and find joy in all that I am facing. Here are just four allergens that I have identified in my life. Ask God to show you which one
is affecting you more and ask him what is the most effective antidote. Sometimes we build immunity to his prescriptions and it takes a different
approach. Just because I can’t take claratyne doesn’t mean there isn’t any hope for me. If you feel one of these stands out ..why not do a word study and find
out what the Bible has to say and break the power of this allergen to hijack your season.

Here are  some alergens you might recognise: Weariness, Weakness, Worry, Wrestling

Today you have the opportunity to take an antidote for the allergen you are dealing with.  Which of these four or possibly others are hijacking your season and causing you to lose sight of what God has in store for you?

ACTIVATE: Pick just one of the alergens above and do a word study.  Find the antedote in the word of God and let it change the way you think. For some of you it feels far worse than a case of spiritual hayfever but don’t for a minute believe that God’s word is not powerful enough to deal with what you are facing. Let the power of God’s word take root in your fertile heart and bring forth the life that he intended. Let others taste the fruit of the Spirit today and not symptoms of the alergens that have come with this season.This season can be bitter sweet but the word of God is more than an antedote… 


2 thoughts on “Sisterhood Weekly – Seasons

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  1. Awesome Jen – Great word. Love you. 🙂
    God’s been reminding me lately that in everything we must give thanks – in every season, be thankful – it’s amazing how much we have to be thankful for when we give it a little thought! He is so good – all the time! His will is always that we are thankful – no matter the season, no matter the circumstances we are in – He is still the same, never changing, always good! That in itself is so much to be thankful for – His faithfulness never ends, from generation to generation! He is our hope, our future, our promise, our strength! He is the Rock! So thankful!
    Have a great day! 🙂

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