As you would know by now ONE is just around the corner and my head and heart are completely lost is what God wants to do for ONE11 (our Hills church Family one day conference) so, for the next couple of weeks I simply want to put my heart in soul into praying for ONE. As women we know what it is like to lay down our life for our family and put others first. That is what we Hills women have done. There is no greater love.

Two years ago God asked me to lay down Day SPA for our women , for the sake of our church and this conference is a result of that step of obedience. I need you to be there but I also need your prayers and your hearts. I know that in doing so your family will be blessed, our church will be blessed and our future will be blessed. Over the next couple of weeks I want you to lay down aside your needs and pray for our church. I don’t want to waste any more of your time…Go spend some time in worship.


I have had Hillsongs’s new album on God is Able on repeat. You should do the same. It is faith building. I am praying for an open heaven over our church and that is what I want you to pray. If you can give Kelle Taylor a hand in the evenings of next week. Please head down to the church.


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