I’m thirsty

I am not sure how many of you got along to see CARS 2 last weekend, but it was a great movie – enjoyed by all. What a great way to bless Juni Hoel & Bev Hughes & their passion for the Dalit children in India.   For the next few weeks, we will be blessed by contributions from various women from our sisterhood family.  PS. JENNY & HER FAMILY are busy doing some heavy duty relaxing – recharging family time!   This week, we are hearing from Sondy Ward…..she writes…..

You would think, Jesus being God, that he would not have any needs. But on the Cross he was thirsty and he said so. He allowed people around him to minister to his needs.

Another time, he let a woman pour precious ointment on his feet and wipe them with her hair just to enable her to pour out her love on him. That historical moment is captured forever in the words of the Bible.

As ministers, it’s easy to think ‘Oh, I won’t bother them with my problems, they’ve got enough of their own’, or ‘My needs are small compared to the needs of others, so I won’t bring it up’. But God says: ‘Ask and you shall receive’ and ‘you don’t have because you don’t ask’.

I recently had the opportunity to let someone give me a foot massage. Later, when I said ‘My feet are still thanking you!’ it was as if she swelled inside, not with pride or self importance, just that her soul was blessed by the use of her gift, just as much as my feet were.

Let’s not rob each other of opportunities to bless one another by hiding our needs. ‘Some sensitive needs should not be public; ask God who to talk to…and wait to hear what he has to say.’


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  1. Very true. That’s how we build a community. By supporting each other. Making another feel valued and heard at the same time. God never meant for us to do life on our own. That’s why the created Adam and Eve, that’s why the animals went into the ark 2 by 2. That’s why in our loneliness moments, most people cry out to God. Thanks Sondy.

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