Does the squeeky wheel rule your life?

Matthew 5: 37(Jesus) Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.

I love that Jesus shows us how to say ‘NO’. To enable him to say yes to going up to the mountain to pray he had to say NO to the crowd, NO to his family and NO to the disciples. There were other times when the crowd required him to say NO to his family. Some didn’t get healed while another did, while he paid attention to one, another was not getting his attention. His `Yes’ to Zacceus was a ‘NO’ to someone else. He simply came to do what the Father asked of him.

I’ve been thinking this week about how when we say YES to the needs of others we have to say NO to the needs of others. Last week I was preparing to preach and spent a lot of my week with people so this has meant that my family and my home got my NO. There are times in my Christian walk where my YES has meant that my family has had to feel the effect of my NO in order for another to receive my YES. There were plenty of NO moments last week to enable me to prepare for Sunday. So today they get my YES and someone else will get my NO.

Mondays are mostly my NO days for everyone but my family. It’s our day off. With the kids at school it’s a day Steve and I get to be completely people free. Steve had to work today which meant he had to say NO to me and YES to all the demands of Church building stuff that he is working on. It was just what I needed today to get my world back in balance. Mondays is my YES day for blessing my home and it is my NO day to each of you. YES… I am attempting to say NO to you, the phone, my emails, facebook, because it is my NO day. There are days when I say NO to you but feel guilty and there are days when I say YES to you and feel guilty…why because when I say yes to you I have had today NO to someone else and times that person is me. To say NO with no guilt so that I can say YES to what today is meant to be about can be a challenge…So …if I do not know what God is asking me to say YES to then I will be caught because the guilt and condemnation and whatever else is used will overwhelm me.

When I am prepping for a sermon, as I was last week, my home becomes a disaster zone. I’ve tried to say YES to everything else as well and it just doesn’t work for me. My family are really gracious and in fact I think my kids enjoy me because I tend to turn a blind eye to some of the mischief and stuff they leave everywhere. They never make me feel bad or resent it because they know my NO for those few days means other days will be a YES. I used to feel guilty about saying NO but I’ve realised that anytime I say YES to to the things God is asking me to do today that he can look after those I have to say NO to. There will always be someone or something that gets my NO in order for me to say YES. I can’t please everyone..but I can please GOD. Saying YES to God helps me keep the balance.

Today, Steve went to work, so my poor neglected house got my complete attention, all day. I even baked cupcakes for the kids and refused to go out of the house for any reason. I said NO to everything else so I could say YES to what was right. I said NO all last week to them in part, so that the church could have my YES.

Sisterhood requires you to say YES! a href=””>. but it also requires you to say NO. Each day is a YES day and a NO day. Just like Jesus the mountaintop alone times with him enable me to know when to say YES and when to say NO. Who to say YES to and who to say NO to. What I say YES to will effect what I say NO to ….It requires you to be spirit lead not lead by guilt or fear or manipulation. It requires you to be discerning and not be manipulated by the most well meaning people including yourself. To be spirit lead is being calling lead…. Let your YES be YES and your NO be NO because you to be true to your call not to the loudest voice or the greatest need or the fear of what may happen should you say NO! Someone today needs your YES! But it may require you to say NO.


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  1. This is such a timely message for me. Thank you for being so sensitive to Gods spirit and writing what is on His heart for us.

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