my sister’s keeper

Steve and I love watching Amazing Race, so the current Australian version is going to get some regular viewing. Steve and I laugh a lot about how we could never do that race together for many reasons.. It is fascinating how the cameras capture the pressure of the game and it’s ability to unravel or reinforce relationships. The intriguing part of this Ozzie version is how the teams are working together to help the other teams do well. The mateship aspect is quite different to the American version.

A while back Ps Russell Harper preached about the value of brothering. He shared how it is God’s intentions for us to be our brother’s keeper and the strength that is found when the whole church begins to care for one another instead of relying on just the Pastor or the leaders to do the caring. I felt this week to put a slight twist on it and put it in the context of sisterhood. I’m going to call it sistering…..

When God came looking for Cain after he murdered his brother, He asked Cain a question: ‘where is your brother?’ Cain’s response (with just a little attitude) was ‘…am I my brother’s keeper?’

Cain’s question speaks so much about his attitude to his responsibility and calling. It speaks to us about our relationships and our responsibility for those God has placed in our life. I believe God is asking his girls: ‘Where is your sister?’
I love that women across the earth are willingly taking responsibility for others.
I love that the answer on the lips of His girls is: That one was hungry and I fed her, the one that was discouraged I gave courage, the one that had questions I gave answers, the one doing well I celebrated and cheered on, the one that needed prayer I stood in the gap and the one that needed resource I gave….The one that needed to grieve, I helped her grieve and I wept with her, that one that needed a laugh, I made her laugh and laughed with her…..That one that needed wisdom, I gave her wisdom or pointed her to someone who could give wise council and that one who needed loving correction, I did what you asked me to do…

You have permission to take responsibility for your sister! You have permission to value what you can do as a sister and to value what others do for you. Cain’s actions speak volumes about his response to God’s call on his life to take responsibility for his brother. Our actions speak volumes about our response to God’s call on our lives to take responsibility to be a sister. What will your answer be when God seeks out a dialogue with you regarding the girls in your world? We are in our own Amazing Race but it’s not a game…this is reality and we are surrounded by a hoard of witnesses who are cheering us on to the end…

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement. I love that woman can have a certain bond that is just because we are woman. We understand how to cry, laugh, support, and help each other. This is a gift from God if we choose to use it.

  2. This is great! Once again it is really good to get to work and get this in my inbox.
    I love this part you mentioned about ‘God’s intentions for us to be our brother’s keeper and the strength that is found when the whole church begins to care for one another instead of relying on just the Pastor or the leaders to do the caring’. This reminds me a lot of the early church in ACTS and love that we are supposed to mirror our lives like that by caring for one another! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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