Sisterhood Weekly – MY Friday

It’s Tuesday night which means it is really cold outside and the sky has already dropped snow on the Dandenong ranges. So I am tucked up in bed with my electric blanket on and trying to get this blog done promised I would get it in early enough for it get proofed and prettied. I am discovering that the Holy Spirit is quite capable of inspiring me early in the week but I work so well under pressure.

I am aware that some of you read this post at varying times of the week and calling it Sisterhood Friday doesn’t make much sense when it arrives on a Monday morning or you don’t get a chance to read your mail for a few days. As there has been a long weekend it may be well into next week before you read this.

My life is not very structured so I am not one to have a set day to do grocery shopping or a set day to do most of my housework. At the moment I am attempting to keep my Friday untouched with appointments and meetings and schedule. It is a day where I want to be able to wake up and do what needs to be done to bless my home and my family and to also do what may not be scheduled in…like visit someone who has been sick or drop in to say hello to someone or even simply spend time praying for others. It is a day where I play catch up with the little things in my office, pay bills, clear space in my head for the weekend and prepare for Nurture or this week for my Sermon on the 19th. You’ll often find me half way between a load of washing an pile of books. It is when I catch up with errands, office duties and bills, it’s when I make doctors appointments and it’s all so a day I catch up with my errands. Last Friday I took a friend to the good Food and Wine Show; this Friday I am looking after my children so their teachers can write lovely things about them in report cards.

So on the outside Fridays are itsy, bitsy, here and there days but, on the inside I have a purpose about my Friday that is different to the other days. I awaken with a sense that others are awakening with similar drive, and purpose. To be the change! To live out Sisterhood Friday and take it seriously. I awaken and put aside my immediate needs and challenges and let my thoughts and heart be caught up in another place. Whether it is while I am getting ready or cleaning up the kitchen …there is a strange sense of faith that can be tangibly felt as I lift up the needs of others towards heaven. I awaken knowing in my heart others today will be standing at the throne of grace asking God to deliver on His promises. I awaken knowing that others are, like me …busily being themselves but going about their master’s business…seeking his heart for another and seeking to do the will of the Father in their world. I know that on the other side of Friday is a stack of miracles await. This Friday …what ever it looks like on the outside, my prayer is that you too will feel that faith too.


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