A Very Ordinary Day

My very ordinary day begins about 7 am nearly. Every day. I am rarely up before I hear Ethan heading down the hallway to give me a morning hug and morning kiss on the cheek. I mumble some sort of greeting that makes him feel loved and encourage him to start getting ready for the day, At some point in that half awake state, I hear Steve mumble something about letting the dog out to do a pee. It’s not long before I hear Brooke patter down the hallway for her morning hug. She would probably sleep in if Ethan wasn’t so noisy and the dog didn’t climb all over her to greet her with sloppy kisses. I wait awhile hoping that Steve will be the first to rise and that means he’ll get me a cuppa but eventually I wonder out bleary eyed to get us both moving and this for me requires coffee. The Ipod would be on by now (filling my house with the beautiful sounds of worship) but I forgot to put it on the charger. The kids pretend to get ready and the dog finds a spot to pee (It is winter and peeing on the grass is for dogs and our dog doesn’t think he is a dog).

By now it’s gone 7:30 and we have one hour before the school run begins and we have to be out the door. I head down the hallway to check the kids have at least found jocks and socks …Ethan is happily playing Lego on the floor fully clothed in his pj’s and Brooke has snuck back into bed with said dog (oblivious he has just peed on her floor). OK I am now awake, fully engaged with my day. In our house, (if you a under the age of 21) if you want breaky, you should be dressed, beds made (with some evidence of effort), lunch (prepared the night before) and readers in school bags and these must be sitting at the front door. With a little strength in my tone (LOL), I encourage the kids to get ready for school, while reminding the dog it is a dog and putting it outside. I then multitask, put a load of washing on, throw last nights load in the dryer, find something to soak up the dog pee, and head back to the kitchen to make those cuppas, sort out what is for breakfast, and head back to bed to finish catch up with my Bible reading plan and drink my half cold cup of coffee. I am about to head for the shower and Brooke wonders in her pjs (What the???) It’s taken her 25 minutes to think about getting dressed. We sort out the uniform malfunction and with a few quick encouraging comments about needing to get moving I swig down the coffee which is now cold and my Bible reading and attitude are feeling a little the same.

Eventually the kids do get to have breaky the rest of the process is quite smooth. I head off to get ready for the day and hear Ethan doing Guitar practice and Brooke is doing her homework and I breathe half a sigh of relief that I haven’t managed to completely lose it before 8am in the morning. Just on 8:30 and this morning the kids have actually brushed their teeth and their hair so we gather at the front door as a family and hold hands …This is where the ordinary shifts to something extraordinary! Most mornings Mazeys gather at the front door and pray together. We each take turns to pray for each other, and pray a blessing on our day. With hugs and kisses done, we all head off our separate ways: me to the shower and the kitchen clean up, Steve, to drop off kids and head to the office.

This is a glimpse of my ordinary.
Your ordinary may seem very different or ring with some form of familiarity. Given that some of you are not mums and others of you work full time the dramas that unfold take on a slightly different reality. Depending on the season you are in and how you set the tone of your home it is likely that there are days for you that feel a little like me. They may not involve loads of washing, packing lunches, grabbing something out of the freezer for the evening meal, signing homework and all this before the school run but whatever your ordinary is I know that God is asking us to do something with it.

For some reason we can tend to believe that living as a woman of God makes us immune to the ordinary. We can tend to feel a sense of disappointment when the feeling of the ordinary actually play such a huge part in our weekly routine. For some reason we want to hurry through the ordinary as if it is not of God and not important because something better lies on the other side and at times ordinary can seem such a waste the life God has called us to live. We can tend to wish for the extraordinary and feel that should we sow our passion and faith in the everyday, our extraordinary will be lost. Somehow we miss the point. Maturity and experience and a little wisdom from those around me, and life has taught me that living for God is all about the ordinary. Living in extraordinary is not immunity to the ordinary but rather what He can do in the midst of the ordinary and it happens when we give our ordinary to him as an act of worship….

Romans 12:1
“So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him.” http://bible.us/Rom12.1.MSG

I wonder what the Hills Sisterhood would look like when daily, we each take our ordinary life and place it before God as an offering, and embrace what he does for us..it’s the best thing you can do with today. Let him take the ordinary and make something extraordinary of it.


4 thoughts on “A Very Ordinary Day

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  1. Thank you for reminding me how precious every day life really is. I love that I get to kiss my kids good bye every morning pack them off to their lives with lunch in had. This is generally my moment to fuss over them and make sure they have enough to eat, (and generally discover that they still have 1/2 of yesterdays lovingly made lunch in their bags) and send them on their way. They know that I pray for them as they walk (drag themselves) to their destination.
    Jenny, you are such an encourager and real person. I love how you live in life and show God in the moment. You and Steve are such an encouragement. Keep doing what your doing, because it’s working so well, it shines in your children, marriage and the church. Love Jeni

  2. I’m sitting here amongst the washing drying on airers, the lure of something cooking in the oven and trying to knit, watch some travel show and drink a cuppa (who said we women can’t have it all!!). It’s cold outside and it’s good to be experiencing something so ordinary. I’m remembering days on the farm sitting amongst mum’s washing on airers in the loungeroom, looking forward to tea and watching the winter outside while I sat reading and dreaming of some grand day. Perhaps no grand day, but yes – a good day, nevertheless!

  3. Thanks so much for this. You are so inspiring to hear and I love reading what you have to say!
    I must say I got exhausted reading the first few paragraphs of your day – you are so amazing to fit all that in!!! Then it got to cold coffee, and I wasn’t happy about that J It’s so nice to hear that you all stand at the door and Pray before you leave the house. I don’t have kids or a family, but for some reason I get really busy too and wonder what the purpose is sometimes in this ordinary day to day stuff.
    Thanks so much for sharing your heart and making the ordinary sound like it can be extraordinary if we place it before God and give our ordinary day to day life before Him and embracing what He may have, and wants to do through it.

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