The Vicar’s Wife

I had a mum from school ask me the other day `What is it like to be the vicar’s wife?’. It made me laugh, but it isn’t the first time I have been challenged to think about the unique role I have as Pastor’s wife.

Did you know that you could well be asked the same question? what is like to be the Minister? The bible calls you a minister. I do have a very unique role in the church. No one else is the Pastor’s wife and it is sometimes comical to hear what some people think I should or shouldn’t be doing in that role. As the Hills Sisterhood I am keen to help you define yourself not by stereo types and others expectations but by what Word of God defines you as.

A Royal Priesthood
The Old Testament often referred to ministry in relationship to what the Priests did but in the New Testament, this takes on a whole new meaning. Instead of just one part of God’s people doing the work of the ministry, we are all called priests… The reference to ministry takes on a whole new meaning when you realise God has defined us as a royal priest hood.

I wonder if you have ever thought about a Biblical definition of your call to be a Minister. When we see our call as one of ministry it changes how we see our role in marriage, our role as a sister or daughter or friend. You are called to be a minister to your husband, a minister to your family, a minister in every context you find yourself.

As the Hills Sisterhood we have a mandate to live called, defined by a biblical definition of Minster. What does that look like for you today?


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  1. Hi Jen, I just hope your challenges are not as great and varied as the ‘The Vicar of Dibly’. 🙂 Great words of encouragement and reminder of how God can use us though.

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