She is a Woman of Justice

This morning I read this beautiful scripture that reflects the heart of Sisterhood. I love what God has shown me here and I am sure you will get your won personal revelation as you mediate on this.

Psalm 106:3 in the Message

`You’re one happy woman when you form the habit of justice’. Ps106.3.MSG
There are three strong themes that run through this verse: happiness; habits and justice.  There is so much in this one little verse that over time could change your world.
This verse speaks to me of several things:  Happiness is found in the every day.  Happiness may take time.  Why? Because forming habits takes time.  Reaping the rewards of habits takes time. How often do we let injustice rob us of happiness? This verse suggests that your happiness may well be related to issues of injustice.  I am sure you know plenty of unhappy people both in and out of the church and you may well be one of them.  Is there something in your life right now that you are unhappy about?  It could be related to injustice…how you are treating another or how you have been treated or watching injustice happen to someone else.   
You are one happy Sisterhood when you form a habit of justice.  That is so much what we are about.

‘Justice’ is a word that comes from a combination of two old French words, ‘justia’, which means equity and righteousness and the other, ‘justus’ which refers to uprightness and justness. Justice is much more than a legal system or political ideology – it’s a Biblical principle. Many times the scripture tells us that God is just, He is a God of justice and that the cross of Jesus Christ was all about righting what was wrong.

It is easy, as a Godly woman, to believe that because we know God and He is just, we will automatically be just.  Building a habit requires proactive disciplined consistency and constancy. Where are you actively seeking to apply and activate the habit of justice in your life?  Start with this: Does anyone in your world make you unhappy?   How you respond tells you whether or not you have formed a habit of justice. It is in the trenches of everyday life as a mother, as a sister, as a daughter, as a friend, as a teacher, as an employee or and employer that we learn what justice and injustice looks and feels like. When our mission is bring justice to the earth and confront injustice on the earth, it starts in the hidden places of our relationships, our homes, our home, our church and our community.  How you treat `them’ is effected on how much you really get God’s justice.
Godly Justice: God’s love does not negate his justice. Instead, his love is so great that it satisfies the requirements of justice.   So too our love should not negate our justice but should be so strong that it satisfies the requirements of justice.   God loved so much he gave his only son. We deserved to perish but instead we were given life.  How do we meet out justice to those in our lives who deserve to perish, who betray us, disappoint us, annoy us  or simply don’t measure up to our expectations.  We want justice but we don’t want to be just His way.

Godly justice is very different to the world because it includes the concept of Mercy and grace.   When we deserve wrath he has measured out justice but not on us but on his Son Jesus. For us to form habits of Godly justice we must do justice His way.  We show others who God is by dealing with others as He does…Your feelings have nothing to do with justice.

How do we form a habit of justice how do we form a habit of righting what is wrong.…Where do we learn this habit? Learning to be just and form a habit of justice comes not when things are going well but when we experience injustice for ourselves. It happens when someone hurts or disappoints us. It comes when we are treated unjustly.  A habit of injustice will form in our lives when we see injustice and choose not to do anything, when we choose not to right a wrong. Opportunityto form a habit of justice comes in the trenches of everyday life where there is conflict, pain or decisions to be made. Life teaches us how to respond with a habit.  The power of the gospel is that it has the power to break us free from bad habits and enable us to form new onesJ
As a mum, forming habits of justice in my home comes in the everyday conflict of wills, choices and problems.  A conflict with my kids is an opportunity to build in my life and theirs a habit of justice or injustice.  It is vital for me to teach my children how to deal with injustice, how to right a wrong, so that a habit of justice will flow from their lives in the future.   A habit of justice is built in my conflicts with my husband, a colleague, another woman in the church, my employer, in my leadership and even in my network of friendships.  Habits of justice are built in the context of offence and how we respond to them. When we hurt another and can justify it, we do God an injustice. When we take responsibility for our thoughts and actions and confess, repent and apologise we build a habit of justice. When we are hurt by another we forgive because if we don’t we suggest that Jesus death was not enough to pay the debt and someone else must also pay. Forgiveness build a habit of justice….trusting that God will vindicate because he is just.
As we each take responsibility for building a habit of justice in our own world, God will give us greater responsibility and influence to mete out justice for those who need it most. I know I have only just touched the surface of justice but hopefully it has stirred something in your heart on a personal level.
Micah 6:8  He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
   And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
   and to walk humbly with your God.
As a Sisterhood not every act of injustice is our responsibility but as we work on our habit of justice we will become one happy Sisterhood, with great influence to bring justice to the earth. If we can’t build a habit of justice into our lives on the home front God will look elsewhere because he has heard the cry of the oppressed and he has you in mind to bring justice and freedom to their lives. 
O lord, you have heard the desire and the longing of the humble and oppressed; you will prepare and strengthen and direct their hearts, you will cause your ear to hear. to do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, so that man, who is of the earth will not terrify them any more
PSALM 10: 17-18 (AMP)
To do justice requires holding injustice clearly, unmistakably, urgently in our field of vision –Christine Caine.
Today …work on your habit of justice.  It brings with it great influence, great happiness and one happy woman (YOU)!!!
Please pray today: not just for you & yours, but your sisters near & far

A  Sisterhood Testimony………….I am SO excited about Sisterhood Friday.  I love the connectedness it brings for women in the church, and as a relative ‘newbie’ it’s been one of my most appreciated connections.  I love that it enables us to ‘do life together’ in a more supportive way, being the church, not just doing church.  In a loving context we are able to bring a meal, pray for someone & generally be supportive in the way some one needs, in any given week. 

I am also thrilled at the way how there is no constraint on its boundary – it’s not just me & mine – the sisterhood embraces all – young, old and everywhere in between!  We are inward looking to women of the body, but also outwardly mindful of the neighbourhood, our state, the nation & the world and encourage them all to flourish.  I just love it!

Fridays is normally my busy day, I had all sorts of ‘messages’ (as my Nan used to call them) that I save ‘til the end of the week for my ‘child free’ day.  On this particular day I had intended to call into a particular local shop, but it was a ‘nice to do’ as opposed to a ‘need to do’ – so it wasn’t a high priority – just on my ‘messages’ list.  As I worked through my ‘list’, I started to feel urgency in my spirit, as I was driving from one place to another, that I really needed to visit this particular shop.  Buoyed by Ps Jenny’s Sisterhood message from that morning about ‘she’……….. I went to the shop, and looked around a little (I can HAPPILY be distracted there for hours!) and the shop owner began to open up to me about how she was so consumed by the worry she felt for her husband, how much difficulty she was having getting through her day.  He was in hospital having a battery of tests in a last ditched stand to attempt to work out what could be causing the terrible symptoms he was experiencing in his body.  To date, doctors had not been able to identify what was causing them.  I wandered around the shop a little, feeling a little anxious & self conscious, but confident that God could make a difference.

After a few minutes I asked the shop owner whether she would be offended if I offered to pray for her & her husband.  She said not only, was she not offended, she would welcome the prayer.

(INTER-MISSION: several customers come & go)

In a quiet, simple prayer, I held her hands over the shop counter, calling on the authority in Jesus’ name, I was able to pray for supernatural wisdom & discernment for the doctors & peace for both her & her husband over the whole process.

I called in to the shop again several days later to hear that not only had the doctor’s discovered the problem, it was a significantly more positive outlook than  anyone had anticipated.  There is now a plan to move forward to operate to resolve the problem and there is a good prognosis for recovery.

IF I hadn’t had the ‘prompting’ in the morning, reading Jenny’s encouragement, I am embarrassed to admit – I could have easily missed it – I want to be a Mary NOT a Martha – but I DO get consumed with the ‘doing’ sometimes & not enough with the ‘waiting’.  My humanity wants a result.  My lesh wants to see.  Help me Lord to Trust in the outcome you desire!  xk


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