Real Women CREATE moments

Over the past few weeks our family have been looking at the Easter story and sharing what we think about it. I love that the story of Easter has so many different aspects about it. Please please please make time to share this story. Don’t just give chocolates away and hope your generous act is enough to let people know you care. Even your local shopping centre will do that. Use those beautiful feet to take yourself across the road or room you are in and invite someone to an Easter Service. Easter and Christmas are the most highly attended services across the world so make the most of it. Most people will say `YES’ to an invitation to an Easter service, take the opportunity to bring them.

Easter Service Times: Friday 22nd April 5:30pm and Sunday 24th April 10:00am.

This week as I was reading the very familiar story where Jesus and his disciples are celebrating the Passover. Jesus takes the bread and the wine and makes a history-defining statement: `Do this in Remembrance of me!’. As a family we have been talking about Easter and the Passover and the reasons why Jesus died and as we talked about what it is we need to remember, a number of things came up. So many messages are preached and shared, so many communion messages have been spoken around this passage. What I love though is in the heart of a child who doesn’t recall information but rather their own revelation as they begin to learn for themselves. My daughter Brooke (6) said this: Imagine how scary those words were, I can see why Judas was angry and went out to tell the Pharisee what he had just heard!’ I asked her what she meant and her thoughts were quite profound. She explained that for 100s of years families had been having that meal to remember what happened in Egypt. Every time there was a Passover meal each family talked about that time and shared that story and all of a sudden Jesus tells them `From now on’ I want you tell the story of me’ Can you imagine what the disciples heard when he said that. It wasn’t just a simple don’t forget me ‘It was a powerful declaration that all that has gone before is now being fulfilled in me. Don’t do this in remberance of some lamb back then but do this as often as you can in remembrance eof me. To a Jew that was blasphemy. It is no wonder the Jews wanted to kill him and Judas wanted to play his part. How dare he take such a significant meal and turn it to a worship encounter about himself. Jesus was telling them that his life and his story were as important as or more so than what happened inEgypt. Jesus was telling them that he was the Messiah. Little did they realise that over the next few days the Lamb of God would die and rise again.

The power of those words places great significance on the death and resurrection of Jesus. It placed him in a position of Authority: he actually had the audacity to change an entire religious festival by asking his followers to replace a story of great significance with the story of himself. That night the disciples had no idea of the power of that statement and the significance of what Jesus was about to do. It placed him and what was about to happen to him along side the most significant event in Jewish history. He had the right and the authority to do so.

I pray that this weekend you will remember: Let the significance of this death and resurrection be passed on with the same significance that the Passover meal had for a Jew. This story is one of salvation, redemption, deliverance and freedom and hope that he is coming back. Share a meal and take the time to remember…..

Don’t forget to send me your testimonies of what being a part of the Flourish Sisterhood is doing for you:

Sisterhood Testimony from Jeni Maclean

As a new comer to Sisterhood and Hills, I am learning and seeing the heart of the woman in this house. As I read the Nurture book written by Lisa Bevere it talks about recognizing a fraction of your spiritual DNA with other woman. Sisterhood is putting my DNA into words. The women in this house go above and beyond ‘nice on Sunday’. The moment I stepped in the front door I was greeted with genuine love, care and understanding. There is a passion for each other to not just do life, but do it well and certainly not doing it alone. Your love for each other and the community shines off you. When Gods spiritual DNA connects people they can change lives, Sisterhood is doing just that.Thank you for accepting me and my family.


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