Do you have Beautiful Feet?


Has anyone every told you you have beautiful feet?  I am not a foot admirer and couldn’t think of anything worse then doing pedicure.  I do love nail polish and I do love open toed sandals so nail polish seems to set it off for me.  

This week I was looking at boots…cos the latest version of winter boots are lovely and I wish I could buy ten of them.  As I browsed the internet looking at what is on offer for the winter season I felt God drop this thought about the Sisterhood in my heart:  Her feet are beautiful:  The woman of Hills carries with her what makes her feet attractive:    I may have a sermon brewing but my initial thoughts are this:  Romans 10:5 says this:  How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news…’ Let me start by saying this:  What carries you to the needs of others: your feet are valuable because they are what take you across a room, across the street across the car park across the other side of the world to bear good news. There is no beauty about the foot that remains under cover, remains slipper and comfortable.  Whose life today will be impacted by the beauty of your feet not because of the boots you wear but the message you bear.   How beautiful are her feet……Welcome to Sisterhood Friday

 Wow! Holidays start this Friday for school kids which mean the first quarter of 2011 is already past.  What ever season in life you are in, God wants to speak to you, to hear from you, to give you wisdom & knowledge for the day/week ahead.  

I am a school mum: so ‘term life’ has lots of rigidity and routine…… Things I won’t miss for a couple of weeks…making school lunches, doing school pick up every day, only seeing the kids 5 hours a day instead of all day, nits, homework, making sure school uniforms are sorted for the next day. Be prayerful about the attitudes of your kids and ask God for insight, seek Godly wisdom and advice from older women.  Don’t just accept what you are dealing with as nothing but be vigilant for the souls of your family. 

If you are a school mum.  Plan ahead and make it special.  Your kids need you, so take the opportunity to reconnect and spend quality and quantity time and fun with them.  Let them be kids and remind them how much you value them and this time.

If you are not a school mum why not invest in a school mum and give her a day or evening off so she gets some time out.

You school girls:  don’t waste your holidays.  Use the time to journal and get away with God and spend some quality time with Him.  Let him whisper the secrets of heaven in your heart.

Be mindful of who you come in contact with on this Friday who may need you to offer to pray for them.  Act on your heart, listen to your conscious.

Can I encourage you to have a look at world news if you get a chance and see what jumps out at you as a story to pray about.   I have been following a number of articles on women in the Republic of Congo and I read everything related to their issues caused by rebels and thugs passing through villages and violating the women and children. This may not be relevant to you but I grew up in the Congo so these stories grieve me and move me to pray.  Be an activist on your knees…. 

Remember: if you have a report about something that happened as a result of the Sisterhood prayer emphasis then send them to me via e-mail:

From Stacey Fox:  Praise report: last year I was very sick for a good 6months of the year, living on my own, sisterhood looked after me with mum hugs, meals and most importantly prayed for me! I didn’t know at the time what was wrong with me but I now have solid answers and even though it’s a life long condition I’m learning how to live with it while still living a full life that god has in store for me!


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