Who is she???

she??? (s’hē) pronoun
1.the woman, girl, or female animal (or, sometimes, the thing regarded as female) previously mentioned: feminine personal pronoun in the third person singular: she is the nominative form, her the objective, hers the possessive, and herself the reflexive and intensive; her is the possessive pronominal adjective
2.: used occasionally as an alternative to the generic he: every child needs to feel that she is loved
a.the person; the one; anyone
b.the person just mentioned
Origin: ME sche, scho, prob. developed (infl. by OE seo, fem. def. article) < OE hēo, she
Webster’s New World College Dictionary Copyright © 2010 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio.  Used by arrangement with John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

 ………..a ‘she’ in your world that needs you!  The woman that God has put on your heart today…..that person that you can’t get out of your mind………….  what are you going to do with the prompting you feel for them? …………..Can I exhort you all to begin by praying!!!

There may just be a Zaccheus (Sorry I couldn’t think of a girl Zaccheus name) in your world…who may be lacking in integrity, needing grace and favour to touch their household and is looking at you with intrigue. You are the representative of Jesus to walk under their tree.  Will you look up?  Will you invite yourself into their world.
What will stop you?  YES – you!   YOU may be busy, distracted, unfeeling; it may be your pain, your grief, your insecurity, your busyness, your workload, your list of things that fill up your day? It may be that you just need reminding!!!
Ask the Holy Spirit to show you `THEM’ ; (the ‘shes’, the ‘hers’, the ‘theys’ that you have perhaps in the past overlooked). Ask him to give you discernment about how to pray and what to pray?  Do something for THEM.  Be Jesus with skin on today.
Back when Ethan was 4 he had a friend called Hugh.  He invited Ethan for a play at his house and we went. I didn’t have an address because I followed them in my car. I had a lovely cuppa and left.   I can’t for the life of me remember his mum’s name, where they lived and  I never got her phone number and we haven’t seen them since Ethan left kinder.  I feel a little silly.  Back then I had an opportunity to write down their address, a phone number and a name  but I didn’t and today I had her on my heart!  Now that she is on my heart and I want to contact her I have no details and no way of knowing how to contact her.  I will do my best because God has stirred my heart and I am praying that he will do a miracle but if I had simply taken down her details and put them somewhere safe it would have been simple to follow the Holy Spirit today.  
I wonder what simple thing God is asking you do today that in two years time may well be the reason for doing it…something as simple as putting their details in your book for another day??? Sisterhood is so much more than just about today.  God may drop little things in your heart that in 2 years tie may actually mean something.  Don’t pass it by as inconvenient and silly.  Follow your heart.  There is favour there!
COLOUR 2012 – calling the sisterhood

I did send out an email last week inviting you to register for Colour 2012.  Because there was only a few days to register you may have simply not had time to think about it.  This clip & the link on the heading gives you a sense of what Colour is all about

The good news is they have extended the Early Bird time frame to this Sunday.  Cathy Scott is organising it for us and I have asked her to put in writing why she think you would love to be there.  Registrations close this Sunday so if you do want to go or have any questions Cathy’s details are in the letter. If you’d like to get a feel for the conference go directly to the web site Visit for more information & details of various speakers & sessions.
If you have any prayer requests our prayer groups meet on Fridays at Roe’s place and Cathy’s place.

Have an amazing Sisterhood Friday and if you have any testimonies of what Sisterhood Friday is doing in you then send them through and I’ll add them to the list.


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