The weight of the Word

What a week …for those who had no idea…I turned 39 this week.  That means I am now in my 40th year.  I love that!  Our culture celebrates youth and staying young and as far as I am concerned compared to Methuselah, 40 is very young, but at the same time it means I have been out of teens for almost 20 years, been married for some time and had kids for a little while, have been serving in church for over 25 years and love Jesus for over 35.  I quote those dates only to say I feel really blessed by the journey I walk.

I remember being in college and asking my old Pastor’s wife (Mrs B) how I could possibly preach as a 20 something on things I had never experienced and how I could possibly have credibility to teach being so young…and she said `it takes faith to preach the word of God and believe that it alone has enough weight in and of itself.  To believe that you do not have to add to it or interpret it for it to have power is a humbling thing’.  Almost 20 years on I believe this more than ever.  The word of God has weight.  If I read it, teach it and preach it…it and only it has the power to transform life.  The word / voice of God is in and of itself powerful and effective without my experience or lack of being added to it.   

I wonder today if you feel you can trust the word of God to have effect in your life and the lives of those around you even if you have not experienced it. That takes faith!!!!

The Sisterhood of Hills is this:  We walk by Faith and not by sight! We live by faith in the Son of God not in and of ourselves.  Who in your life today needs that kind of faith.  You can trust God as you live out loud the word of God, to have a powerful effect on those around you.

So what do you have to offer others:  a testimony of a transformed life and the word of God.  Both are powerful!  God be the Sisterhood …the activated word of God in someone’s life today.

Just a reminder to keep considering the things that will sabotage the season you are in and the seasons ahead:

Worry!  What consumes your thoughts and robs your of purpose right now?

Weakness! What is robbing you of strength?

Weariness!  What are you tempted to give up on that God has asked you to do?

Wrestling! What are you not doing that God has asked you to do?  What is he asking you to give up that you are holding on to?  What have arguing with God?  What excuses are you making for staying where you are?


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