I wonder if you feel a little immune to the tragic events that continue to unfold around the world. The situation that has happened in Japan is unprecedented in devastation yet there is a numbness to it all that is affecting those who feel powerless to do anything.

Ps Wayne Alcorn, the National leader of our denomination’s Pastors, wrote to us this week and I simply want to pass it on.  As a sisterhood when we join in thoughts and prayer for an entire nation, who knows what God can do. I encourage you to think of the plight of women just like you who are facing some of the most magic, stressful and traumatic events in their lives.  Ps Wayne writes:

Since the year began, natural disasters have hit hard and fast, bringing total devastation and loss of life to our own nation and our Pacific neighbours. The Bible describes how creation has been groaning since the beginning of time (Romans 8:22) and if we look at recent events, it seems as if the groaning of the earth is escalating. At the same time, there is eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed (Romans 8: 19)  – people who show a compassion for humanity who is lost and afraid, presenting to them a God of Hope.

The effects of the deadly earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan last Friday is unfolding daily, and our hearts are stirred towards the Japanese people – a nation where it is said that less than 1% know Christ. What of the 99% who find themselves in a desperate, hopeless situation? Surely they are ones we need to reach out to at this time?

 What can we do? Please get your people to pray. It can be tempting to draw back and allow `giving fatigue’ make us complacent. Yet through Jesus, we’ve been freely given a future and a hope, so we find ourselves compelled to go the extra mile and reach out to those crying out for answers.

Pastor Rod & Viv Plummer and their amazing ministry team at Jesus Lifehouse Church in Tokyo are positioned to make a difference. Rod has described the current situation in Japan:

“The entire nation has been rocked on so many levels. The continued after-shocks, rumours of further earthquakes and threat of a major nuclear incident, coupled with a lack of basic necessities such as fuel and food shortages, are adding to the pressure and growing fear among the people. Yet there is no shortage of faith in Japan’s darkest hour. In the days ahead we know that the Church will have a unique window of opportunity to rise up and help those who are suffering here. The prayers of believers all over the world are so appreciated at this time, so please keep the Japanese people in your prayers.” 

I wonder if you realize how effective your prayers are. Today I am asking you to simply pray for the nation of Japan. As you are driving today, doing the dishes, filling your with petrol, imagine your issues you have today and add to them just one of the traumatic experiences of the Japanese people. Your normal and no school, no way to get to work, no power, no fuel, no word about a family member, fear of the unknown, the loss, fear of radiation, fear of more tremors..  And so, so, much more…..Imagine and pray for the mother who has lost children, or husband, or work, or home or everything she has known. Imagine and pray for the young girl who has lost all her friends and most of her family ……her local park and her familiar shops ……..imagine the leaders of the nation and the pressure they are under to come up with solutions ………let your heart feel and rise in faith for a nation that needs GOD.  Pray as you feel led….



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